Tension Baskets

Tension baskets or tension trays are so called because act of weaving the materials together creates stresses that hold the structure together.  A variety of woody materials lend themselves to this process. These bendable woody fibres could be willow, hedge row material such as osiers and young twigs  and shoots of trees.  The baskets can then be decorated with natural embellishments. In this workshop we will be using hand dyed reed of different sizes to create an easy functional basket. The skills learned here can be transferred to make similar baskets with other materials.

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Vary the components to make new and beautiful designs.

Maria Curtis has been making baskets for over 20 years.  She enjoys the amazing diversity of materials that can be used in basket making as well as the many  varieties and  types of baskets that can be made.  While she sometimes uses reed fibre, she likes to  weave with a mixture of locally harvested material. She has taught several classes and enjoys the creativity that happens in the workshops.