Yuko writes:

I would like to introduce a technique of how to print patterns on fabric with small woodblocks. This method was invented by a Japanese kimono fabric-making master, Tetsuo Koyama, who visited Cowichan Valley twice to pass on his expertise. I was his former student as well as his assistant when he taught this fabric art work on Vancouver Island. I look forward to working with anyone who would like to experience this method for the first time. I also welcome people who have taken Master Koyama’s course/courses before. 

I will provide pieces of fabric, pigments and other tools. The only thing I would like you to bring is a small hammer. Since you will not have time to make your own woodblocks in this three-hour session, I will carve some woodblock pieces in simple shapes, such as triangles, circles, ellipses, trapezoids etc. and bring them for you. Please enjoy improvising and composing your own unique patterns using a limited number of woodblocks in different shapes and multicolour pigments.You will be surprised at how one simple woodblock could make beautiful patterns. 

Woodblock prints create elegant patterns.

A person who can apply a pigment using brush on a woodblock piece, print on fabric using a hammer can enjoy this technique. I will bring multi-colour origami paper so that the participants can arrange them on a sheet of fabric and design a piece in a short time – so the participants do not need to prepare design beforehand.

A single simple shape can be used to build more complex designs.

More information about this technique can be found here. The Film “The Master’s Hands” linked in the menu on the right-hand side of the page includes some footage of carving and printing with cedar blocks.