Pat Montgomery writes:

It must have been at the age of five when my grandmother sat me down and proceeded to teach me basic embroidery stitches that I fell in love with fibres.  After that she taught me to knit, and I was totally hooked. Since that time I have tried my hand at a great number of fibre related skills.  Spinning, which I’ve been doing for forty years, is one of my favourite things to do, as well as knitting, weaving, quilting, and sewing. But the learning never ends, and my knowledge of all things related to fibres continues to grow.  My family knows now not to ask why I’m making something or what I intend to do with it.  They’ve accepted the fact that I create because I love it.

Fibers, textiles, fabrics, wools, cottons, linens, silk, can one ever get enough? If your inside fiber diva is shaking her head then you may just want to consider this upcoming, new class. It is also exciting when you can combine two or more techniques in to one project.  In this class you will be exploring how to weave with fabric strips to create an art piece, pillow top, or a focal point for your next ‘art wear’ clothing.  Participants should feel comfortable with and enjoy hand stitching.”

Bring a thimble, fabric scissors, a pencil, a ruler, sewing pins and any favorite materials. Pat will bring many pieces of one-of-a-kind vintage, and hand painted materials, needles, embroidery floss, batting and backing.

A woven insertion of hand-dyed fabric makes a stunning vest back.