We’re very happy to offer two workshops from Catherine Knutsson of
The Small Bird Workshop this year.
‘Good Beginnings, Good Endings’ is an exploration of cast-ons and bind-offs that will help you to avoid ending up (as I did more than once) with a pair of socks that had to be slouchy because the top was too tight and non-stretchy to pull up past my shapely ankle. Or a shawl that could not be blocked to reveal its full glory because the bind-off wouldn’t stretch. For touch of elegance you can choose bind-offs and cast-ons that look similar … or add zest to a project with something distinctive and decorative.

Come and explore!

Did you know there’s more than one way to start a knitting project? And more than one way to finish? I didn’t for the longest time, but there’s a whole world of cast-ons and bind-offs out there, and not all of them do the same job! Some are stretchy, some are structured, some are decorative, and some are great for a variety of things! This class will review the basics of the long-tail cast-on, the knitted cast-on, and the knitted bind-off as a point of before moving on explore ways to start and finish socks, shawls, and ribbing, as well as decorative cast-ons and bind-offs to add a bit of extra interest to your knitting projects.

Two balls of knitting yarn are used to show two different cast-on methods.