Nancy Bissonnette’s ‘Twist and Spin “Spun Paper Fun”‘ will introduce you to one aspect of the long and fascinating tradition of turning flat paper into yarn. Not all paper is suitable, but those that are can become surprisingly strong yarns useful for basketry, knitting, crochet and weaving … in fact, any craft that requires yarn.
For example: kami-ito is a paper thread spun from Japanese washi, paper made from the fibres extracted from the inner bark of various shrubs and trees. The paper is cut into extremely thin strips, then dampened and softened before it is spun into a fine yarn. Although some is strong enough to use as warp, kami-ito is more often used as weft. If the paper is spun after use the ink creates a beautiful random pattern in the yarn. You can find more information about kami-ito from Nathan Somers and on Gallery KEI.

Nancy’s elegant spun yarn combined with linen
thread in a basketry project.

Nancy writes:
Come spin some paper and create a ‘one of a kind’ woven, crocheted or knitted sampler. A fun workshop for all levels and skill. Students will get to try their hand at spinning paper. then each will get a ball of colourful spun paper and learn some techniques on how to weave, knit, and crochet with it.