We’re very happy to offer two workshops from Catherine Knutsson of
The Small Bird Workshop this year.

Non-knitters often claim they don’t understand the attraction of a shawl.
“Only old ladies wear shawls, right?”
WRONG. That’s so 19th-century.
Anyone can wear a shawl.

A hand-knitted shawl is not only an excellent way to show off a lovely yarn, it’s an excellent way to show off your knitting skills. In this workshop you’ll learn how to plan and construct different shawl shapes, allowing you to design and knit your own personal masterpieces.

Catherine writes: there’s more than one way to make a shawl! In this class, we’ll be exploring six basic shawl shapes, with a variation or two: the pi shawl (and the half-pi), the hap (and the half-hap), the Faroese shawl, the crescent shawl, the modified triangular shawl, and the asymmetrical shawl. Participants will get the chance to make their own mini-shawls, as well as learning some tricks to make their shawl knitting easy and enjoyable.