Textile art is all the rage at the moment. From slow stitches reviving old garments to fabulous quilts, there is a revival of interest in working fabric with needle and thread … in glorious colour!

Gill Riordan has taught stitching in all its forms to adults and children through the UK Embroiderer’s Guild. We are very fortunate to be able to offer her 3-hour workshop Working with Toning Velvets and Scrims as part of H2H2019.

Gill writes:
Students will choose their own colorway of space dyed velvet, scrim and threads. The scrim is laid over the velvet on top of a thin padding. Circles are stitched pulling the scrim back to give raised velvet discs. The spaces are further embellished with extra stitch according to the student’s ability.
The size of the piece you will make in class will depend upon your experience and prior stitch ability. Small pieces can be use as brooches or cut and mounted on a shirt or jacket. Larger pieces make good book cover fronts to handmade books or framed pieces.